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TOTALEnergies Wärme und Kraftstoff GmbH: Responsibility for the environment through climate-neutral heating.

Sustainability and environmental protection: everyone can contribute to this. But a special responsibility rests on companies that produce and offer fuels for heat production, like TotalEnergies Wärme und Kraftstoff GmbH Specialized in the sale of heating oil, the subsidiary of the TotalEnergies Group has not only significantly improved its own energy balance, but has also pushed ahead with the development of lower-emission heating oil. In addition, TotalEnergies Wärme und Kraftstoff GmbH supports climate and reforestation projects worldwide.


Premium heating oil thermoplus: Heat efficiency with a good eco-balance

Intensive research has made it possible to achieve a significantly improved eco-balance: The premium heating oil thermoplus is burning much cleaner than the standard variant. In addition, the sulfur content is minimal. As a result, around a third less CO2 is produced during combustion. For the around 20 million people who use heating oil in Germany, this means efficient heating with a good eco-balance and an effective, low-cost introduction to the energy transition. Incidentally, the premium heating oil thermoplus has the same qualitative product properties as the other TotalEnergies heating oils. It can therefore be used in all heating oil systems without hesitation.


With a 10 percent organic content made from renewable raw materials, TotalEnergies Wärme und Kraftstoff Mineralöl GmbH also offers a bio variant of its premium heating oil thermogreen to further reduce CO2 emissions during heat generation. The bio heating oil is sold exclusively in Baden-Württemberg.

In addition, it is also possible to order the premium heating oil thermoplus as a climate-neutral variant, which costs 1 cent per liter more. These small additional costs are used to compensate for the resulting CO2 emissions in a targeted manner through certified climate projects. Customers who use thermoplus premium heating oil in a climate-neutral way receive a certificate for the amount of CO2 they have offset.



Targeted support for climate and reforestation projects

It is not only the heating oil emissions that are offset. The logistics, fuel and energy consumption of the 13 customer centers across Germany are also precisely calculated. Both these company-owned emissions and those of customers who buy climate-neutral heating oil are offset by various climate and reforestation projects. In one of the current climate projects, TotalEnergies Wärme und Kraftstoff GmbH is investing in the construction of wind turbines in India, which contributes to the CO2-reduced supply of energy and saves 73,000 tons of CO2 annually.

Another project that can be supported by the climate-neutral heating oil is a forest conservation program in Peru. This involves supporting local families who are committed to protecting 300,000 hectares of rainforest in order to reduce deforestation and clearing and sustainably protect the environment and climate.





Investments in emerging markets and in Germany

TotalEnergies Wärme und Kraftstoff GmbH deliberately focuses on investments in emerging countries. Here, the effect on climate protection per invested euro is particularly high. But projects are also supported in Germany, e.g. tree planting campaigns in the Spandauer Forst forest in Berlin or in Spitzingsee in Bavaria. Reforestation in particular makes an important contribution to climate protection, as trees are an effective CO2 reservoir.

Through all these measures, more than 3,000 tons of the climate-damaging gas were offset in both 2018 and 2019. These figures are closely monitored by ClimatePartner, the certified climate protection partner of TotalEnergies Wärme und Kraftstoff GmbH.



Making one's own business operations climate-neutral

TotalEnergies Wärme und Kraftstoff GmbH has been optimizing its own energy management since the early 2000s as part of the Blue Ocean project. At the time, the goal was to reduce the company's own energy consumption by 20 percent by 2020, and this goal was already achieved in 2017.

The company's own energy efficiency agencies Greenflex and TENAG, which are also involved in the energy management of other companies, from medium-sized family businesses to industrial groups, played a decisive role in this. Reducing one's own energy consumption, making heating oil more climate-friendly - these are all ways to a cleaner environment. The next logical step is now to make your own business completely climate neutral. And to further optimize heating oil until there is an alternative to the popular fuel for heat production.