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08/06/2022 News

"Memorandum of Understanding" to promote battery swap technology

TotalEnergies recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with INFRAMobility-Dianba, a joint venture established in 2019 between German infrastructure experts and Aulton Dianba, the Chinese global leader in rapid battery swap solutions, intending to advance battery swap technology and attract suitable strategic partners.

One of TotalEnergies' ambitions is to help shape the mobility of the future - and to do so in the near future. In this context, it is becoming apparent that electromobility will play a significant role and will be a solution of the future - especially for achieving climate protection goals. Battery replacement technology could play an increasingly important part in this. With the possibility of equipping electric vehicles with a fully charged battery within a few minutes, electromobility could enjoy a growing number of users. This technology preserves batteries through slow recharging, extends their lifespan and eliminates the need for e-mobilists to have to wait at the charging station.

Unlike in Germany, this technology is already widespread in some parts of China. In the two-wheeler sector, KTM, Honda and Yamaha are working on the joint development of a standard battery. Manufacturer Aulton Dianba is developing an open-type concept that is already being used by 14 Chinese companies. The Chinese mineral oil company Sinopec intends to equip 30,000 filling stations with Aulton Dianba's stations.

For e-mobility to spread further, TotalEnergies is already working to improve the charging infrastructure and has grown to become one of the largest installers.  The goal is to operate more than 150,000 charging points for electric vehicles by 2025, with a focus on major cities and metropolitan areas, such as Amsterdam, London, Paris, Antwerp.