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23/02/2021 News

Electric mobility in Paris: it’s Total

In November 2020, Total won the Paris City Hall tender for the modernization and development of the public charging stations network for electric vehicles of the French capital. The Council of Paris has entrusted Total with the management of its public network of roadway charging stations for 10 years. 

This service concession covers the supply, installation, the technical and commercial exploitation of the network of public stations. This new network that includes the Bélib’ one –whose name it takes- as well as Autolib’, the former network, will eventually encompass about 2 300 charging points, an increase of 56 % in comparison with the points in use. 

Total therefore commits itself to modernize these equipments and install fast charging hubs in underground car parks. Total will offer customized and attractive recharging rates to the different expectations of electric vehicles drivers, in addition to a simple and efficient customer journey along with the quality and availability of the service.

In its offer, Total has also included the development in France of a park of solar plants set up to satisfy the demand in electricity of Parisian consumers and their needs of a 100% sustainable electric recharging for their vehicles. As a reminder, on April18th, 2018, Total announced the repurchasing of the first French alternative electricity supplier Direct Energie, nowadays called Total Direct Energie.

“This partnership with the City of Paris helps us to change into a multi-energy company. We are pleased with the trust places in us by the Paris City Council, by awarding to us, for the next 10 years, the management and modernization of the electric vehicles recharging network of Belib’. After Amsterdam, Brussels and London, it’s a new major European metropolis which relies on the expertise of Total to support the growth of the mobilities of its citizens. For this reason, our commitment is to supply to our customers a 100% sustainable electric recharging and a service up to their expectations”, emphasizes Alexis Vovk, general manager of the Marketing & Services department of Total. “This offer of the Belib’ network comes in complement of the electric mobility services extended by Total to its customers, individuals like professionals: at the workplace, at home, in the public space, in commercial areas or across our network of service-stations.”


Press release – 11/18/2020 –

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