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1. Privacy policy and privacy statement

Welcome - we are delighted that you are visiting our website!

Protecting your personal data is important to us. The following notes on data protection will explain what information we collect, when, and for what purpose, as well as how it is processed and used.

2. Legal notices about personal data

The German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the German Telemedia Act (TMG) protect the personal data of Internet users. We do not use your data for marketing purposes or share it with third parties, unless you have requested a service for which this is required. In this case, we only share data in order to provide the service you requested. Any other use, for example for marketing purposes, requires your express consent.

We call on external service-providers to operate the website and perform other individual services on the site. They are likewise only permitted to process your data as described here, and we have concluded appropriate contractual agreements with them in order to comply with data protection laws.

3. Data processing

By using our website, you agree to the data-processing practices described here. We hereby undertake to process only the data that you provide us with, and to keep your data confidential at all times. We will not process any data other than the data you provided us with.

Each time you access our website, i.e. each time you view or download a file on this server, or attempt to do so, data about this activity is stored in a log file.

The following specific data is saved every time you view pages on our website:

  •  IP address (rendered anonymous)

  •  The pages and files you viewed

  •  The date and time of your visit

  •  Indication of whether your attempt to view a file was successful

  •  Message explaining why an attempt to view a file failed

  •  The operating system and browser software on your computer

  •  Screen resolution

  •  Color depth

  •  Browser plug-ins (JavaScript, Flash Player, Java, Silverlight, Adobe Acrobat Reader etc.)

  •  and the website from which you came to our website

Under certain circumstances, the IP address can be used to trace personal data, so that it is possible to identify what data was accessed through a specific IP address. This data is analysed by our service-providers and by us for purely statistical purposes, using common Web analytics tools, to help us continuously improve our services. As far as possible, this analysis is performed using anonymous data. Entries in the log file are deleted regularly.

4. Cookie policy

We use cookies on our website to make it as easy and convenient as possible for you to use, and to ensure that our online service remains attractive to you in future.

Cookies are text files that are stored by your browser on your computer and contain information about your use of our website. We use some cookies to manage and control your visit to our website to ensure, for example, that the windows are correctly displayed and you can use our website easily. This session cookie expires after two weeks. We use other cookies for statistical purposes. These remain permanently on your computer, unless you delete them. We do not use these cookies to collect personal data.

The standard setting of your browser accepts cookies, so you do not need to adjust your browser settings to allow cookies to be saved on your computer. If you do not want us to store cookies, you can deactivate this function in your browser. For more information, please consult the help files in the menu bar of your browser. Please note that deactivating cookies may significantly restrict your use of the website.

5. Processing your data from forms on this website

Personal data is only collected if you provide it voluntarily - for example during a registration process (e.g. for a newsletter), when making an inquiry via our contact form or during your online application.

All personal data entered by you on our website will be collected in accordance with the applicable regulations for the protection of personal data and will only be used to provide services requested by you and to process your enquiries.

Total will not use your data for any additional consulting purposes, for advertising or for market research.

Total does not share your personal information with third parties; in other words, your data will not under any circumstances be sold or rented. Insofar as Total uses personal information for the purposes of analyzing or improving customer services, this will be done in a manner that protects the confidentiality of your information.

6. Password-protected pages

Some sections of the website are only accessible with an access code and password. The access code and password that are given to you by the publishers of the website are secure. Use of the access code and password is at your own risk. You have the right to change the original password you are given at any time. You are responsible for ensuring that the access code and password are not divulged to any third parties. You agree to take all appropriate measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of the access code and password that you are given, and in particular not to save this data electronically. If you become aware that another person has gained access to your access code and/or password or there is some suspicion that it has been misused, you are under obligation to change your password and to notify the publisher of this website without delay. Please use the contact form to do so. The publisher of this website reserves the right to cancel access to the password-protected pages in the event of unauthorized use or of repeated unsuccessful attempts to log in. In the event of locked access, you will be notified promptly.

7. Data collected by AT Internet

Whenever an Internet user visits a medium that is audited by one of AT Internet’s solutions, AT Internet will collect statistical data about the visit. This data provides information on an Internet user’s connection to a particular website, for example information that relates to the type of browser that is used, the number of page views, the exact path that an Internet user has taken on a site, the amount of time spent on a page, site, or information on the filling or abandonment of a shopping cart etc.
No primary personal information such as first name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address, etc, is collected at our own initiative by any of the AT Internet solutions.
AT Internet collects two types of secondary personal data only (i.e data that can, in some cases, be used to identify a particular individual); the IP and the cookie.
  • Cookie and Unique Visitor:

    A “cookie” is a text file which saves information relating to an Internet users browsing on the Internet. Cookies are controlled by the web browser of an Internet user’s computer.

    As far as Internet users are concerned, “cookies” are the best method which can be used to customise the user’s browsing on the Internet. The use of cookies means that Internet users avoid being bombarded with the same advertising messages and questions on certain sites, and they also save time on other sites, especially on sites where it is necessary to enter a login or password.

    As far as AT Internet is concerned “cookies” are used to carry out relevant and detailed statistical research. Thanks to the use of “cookies” it becomes possible to refine the analyses of JavaScript tags, and they also enable AT Internet customers to recognise visitors each time they visit their site (i.e. to find out that it is the same visitor without knowing who they are). These “cookies” store a unique alphanumeric ID only, relating to the device used by an Internet user, and under no circumstances is this information used to collect nominative information on the visitors.

    All of the results which are obtained are then compiled, and are completely anonymous. The results provide information on the browsing and behavior of Internet users on the websites of AT Internet customers, information such as: the number of visitors, the number of visits, the number of page views and other information that is necessary for the effective measurement of Internet user interests. With these results it is then possible to improve the ergonomics and content of such websites.

    Lastly, the AT Internet Service can use either the cookie known as “first party” (issued by the URL of the website tracked by AT Internet) or the cookie known as “third party” (issued by a URL belonging to AT Internet: or depending on the needs of our customer.

    In both cases, the reason for using the cookie remains the same as the reasoning explained above and no personal data is collected via these cookies.

  • IP and geolocation:

    During the data-collection and data-processing processes, AT Internet (just like any other company that exists in the fields of Web analytics and Web marketing) uses an Internet user’s IP address for the only purpose of geolocating their device, in order to identify the location in which an Internet user connects to a particular website (level of precision: region or city in some countries). In order to ensure better privacy protection, AT Internet offers their customers the possibility of making the IP anonymous: the last three digits of the IP are deleted immediately after collection and before any geolocation.

    By default, anonymization is applied to the IP addresses of Internet users visiting the websites of the customers of our German subsidiary AT Internet GmbH.

    In order to protect personal data AT Internet only holds onto the IP address, which is encrypted, for a limited period of time (6 months). Under no circumstances is the data available on the Customer Web interface, nor can it be accessed anywhere else in the company.

  • Geolocation of mobile devices:

    AT Internet has developed a technology based on GPS coordinates shortened to two decimal places enabling the geolocation of mobile devices.
    These coordinates are converted into a graphic representation (heatmap) and are not displayed in full on the Customer Web interface.

    The geolocation of mobile devices is also subject to a strict double opt-in. Geolocation can be deactivated either for the whole device or for each application.
    AT Internet customers who wish to use geolocation functionalities are committed to implementing this opt-in and respecting Internet users’ choices as well as their right to access, reply to and remove personal data that AT Internet solutions have collected about them. If you do not agree to the tracking of your visit, please read the data protection policy of
    AT Internet and follow the instructions.

8. Data protection and social plug-ins and “Like” buttons

Our website uses social plug-ins (e.g. the Facebook “Like” button) from the social network, operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”). In addition to Facebook, we also use other plug-ins, e.g. from Google+ and Twitter.

By default, Total embeds disabled buttons online. They do not have an established connection with the servers at Facebook and other companies. The buttons only become active and establish a connection once the user activates them and thereby consents to communications with Facebook, Google or Twitter. The user then shares their post with a second click. If the user is already logged in to Facebook or Google+ and shares their post via one of these networks, then this happens without opening another window. With Twitter, a pop-up window appears where the user can continue to edit the text of the Tweet.

Please refer to the privacy policy for further information on the purpose and scope of data collection and the additional processing and use of data by Facebook, for example, your rights in this respect and the available settings options for protecting your privacy.

Google+ is operated by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA ("Google").

Twitter is operated by Twitter Inc., 1355 Market St, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103.

9. Newsletter

  • We will be pleased to keep you informed on current topics by e-mail.
  • To receive these communications, you can sign up for our Total Newsletter.
  • To send these updates, we record your IP address as well as your e-mail address when you register.
  • Of course, your data will not be shared with third parties.
  • You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.

10. Right to information

Please do not hesitate to contact our Data Protection Officer if you have any questions about data protection at Total.

Questions on data protection
The controller for data-processing in relation to our website is:
TOTAL Deutschland GmbH
Jean-Monnet-Str. 2
10557 Berlin
If you want to make a request for information, deletion, amendment or blocking regarding your personal data, please send it in writing in one of the following ways to TOTAL Deutschland GmbH:
  • By letter to
TOTAL Deutschland GmbH
Jean-Monnet-Straße 2
10557 Berlin
  • By Fax to 0049(0)30-2027795622
If you have an further questions on the collection, processing or use of your personal data, please send an e-mail message to [email protected] or use our free customer hotline at 0800 - 8682533. You can contact us during the following business hours: 
Monday - Thursday: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. 
Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

E-mail: [email protected]