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Work & Study Porgramme at TotalEnergies in Berlin, Brunsbüttel and Leuna

Are you currently in the process of obtaining your general qualification for university entrance or technical college entrance or have you already successfully obtained it? Are full-time studies too boring and not practice-oriented enough? If so, you have the option of completing a work/study programme at TotalEnergies.

Find out more about your options for a work & study programme at TotalEnergies!

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Hello I am Jonas Steinbrück. I am doing my apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at TOTAL Germany, one of many apprenticeships with us.
My workplace is located at TOTAL's site at Berlin's main train station.
During my apprenticeship, I get to work on a lot of exciting projects.

- Jonas: "Good morning C2B"
- Robot C2B: "Good morning Jonas! Have a nice day"

Even though I do most of my work independently, the collaboration and contact with colleagues is just as important.

- Jonas: "Alexa how is the price for climate neutral heating oil today?" 

- Alexa "Your heating oil price for 2000 liters of climate-neutral heating oil is currently at..."

My duties also involve working with various business units at TOTAL.

- Colleague via teams: Hello Jonas I have received your order. The trucks are all loaded and are on their way to the race.

I've been very well integrated into my team and regularly present my results here. I often forget that I am still an apprentice.

The trainees work not only in different departments but also together on their own projects. In fact, this film is one of those projects.

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