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With 100,000 employees who are represented in 130 countries, the TotalEnergies Group stands for high environmental and safety standards, strict ethical principles, a culture of innovation and diverse development opportunities.

Become part of a global team and participate in our mission: to emprove energy every day.

You can find our current open positions here.

Diversity is entertaining for me. It helps me to be better, it connects people and allows a better working atmosphere.
Diversity at TOTAL means that every employee can openly express their personality to the outside world.
Diversity for me is working with young people.
For me, diversity means appreciation, listening, understanding, accepting.
For me, diversity means a greater opportunity to work together creatively and successfully.
Diversity to me means appreciation and respect.
Diversity, that is us.
To me, diversity means equal opportunity.
Our diversity makes us strong.
Diversity is the future.
Diversity for me means colorful instead of gray.
Diversity is the most beautiful thing that nature has produced.
Our diversity is our strength.