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Information about the location

The Tour TotalEnergies has been the headquarters of TotalEnergies Marketing Deutschland GmbH since 2012. Around 500 employees work there. Among other things, they manage the company's four central sales areas in Germany from this location: service stations, specialities, mobility & new energies and the retail and consumer business. The subsidiary AS24 and TotalEnergies Wärme&Kraftstoff GmbH are also based at Tour TotalEnergies.

Tour TOTAL becomes Tour TotalEnergies 

Following the change of name from TOTAL to TotalEnergies, the building of the Berlin headquarters of TotalEnergies Marketing Deutschland GmbH has also been given a new appearance, which characterises the cityscape of the Europacity at Berlin's main railway station. 900 kg of material, attached at a height of 65 metres to a total of 200 boreholes: After extensive and challenging conversion work during the storm at the end of February 2022, the new "TotalEnergies" lettering with dimensions of 2.28 metres high and 15.88 metres wide now adorns the building. As soon as dusk falls, a total of 1,704 LEDs illuminate the lettering.  

The rebranding of the German headquarters now also reflects the company's future-oriented strategy in Berlin and Germany. More information on the rebranding and the corporate strategy can be found here: Our new identity

Tour TotalEnergies Timelapse

Green Building for better energy efficiency 

The Tour TotalEnergies was the first building to be completed in autumn 2012 in the new city quarter, Europacity, at Berlin's main railway station. Designed by the architectural firm Barkow-Leibinger, the 17-storey office building meets the highest requirements for sustainable construction, such as the sustainability criteria set by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) as a green building with DGNB Silver status. Compared to standard construction methods, the building saves the heating requirements of around 35 single-family homes annually. The façade design of the 69-metre-high office building with triple glazing undercuts the limits set by the Energy Saving Ordinance by 50 per cent. 

The building also allowed for optimisation of operating and energy costs. TotalEnergies reduced the rented square metre area by 30 percent with the move.  The lighting is provided by sensor technology with daylight and presence control, and the windows have sound and sun protection. The ceilings of the rooms are equipped with heating and cooling functions. This ensures a pleasant climate and the complete exchange of the building's indoor air twice a day. 

In addition to energy efficiency, TotalEnergies, as a tenant in close cooperation with the building owner, CA Immo from Vienna, and the Berlin architects Barkow-Leibinger, had already been strongly committed to the topic of innovation during the planning and construction phase. Thus, projects such as the paper-reduced office were created during the relocation. Through electronic scanning, the company reduced its file inventory by more than four kilometres!  

Employees played a key role in designing the office building  

Whether furniture, chairs, technology or bistro - internal working groups accompanied these tenders. This often resulted in improvements. The result was also reflected in the interior design. The building facilitates communication between departments. Departments that share many interfaces sit closer together. Special attention was paid to the acoustics: sound-absorbing elements such as the carpet with its special structure and acoustically effective ceilings break up the noise on the floors.   

In addition, the Tour TotalEnergies has 90 bicycle parking spaces and social rooms for employees (parent-child room, rooms with sports equipment and showers, and a rest area). The underground car park has charging points for battery-powered electric vehicles. A photovoltaic system from SunPower, a sister company of TotalEnergies, is installed on the roof. Due to the immediate proximity to the main railway station, many employees take advantage of the ideal connection to the public transport network. 

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