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TotalEnergies Energy Efficiency Consulting Leverages Saving Potential

The TotalEnergies Energy Efficiency Network Agency (TENAG) of Wiesbaden, a joint venture by TotalEnergies in Germany offers a comprehensive range of energy services. Working with a network of sister and partner companies. TENAG is capable of servicing business clients across the European Union. The specialists help their clients to save energy and money. 

Energy audits and energy management systems are paradigmatic of the intelligent and sustainable handling of resources. Energy efficiency is an important topic moving forward. This is especially true in the industrial sector, where a number of important energy conservation measures have been established and are currently being carried out. That is why the scope of TENAG's service portfolio goes beyond certification issues and defining energy management processes.

TENAG Ieverages energy efficiency potential directly with the customer

"Perfect service, target-oriented project implementation," this the comment made by the Managing Director of Sterigenics Germany. Knut Alfs, on the introduction of an ISO 50001 energy management system. Sterigenics is the market leader in the area of sterilization services such as medical products, pharmacons and packaging materials.

The energy consultants also achieved a 13 % saving for company in the food industry by putting a gas turbine with a waste heat recovery boiler into service  the facility was subsequently supplied by TotalEnergies.

In energy intensive iron casting branch, the managing partner Frank Brechmann concluded that the commitment "by far exceeded" expectations. Stephan Schmacker, the energy management officer of the Flamm Group, described the support his company received from TENAG as "well structured, with professional competence, high flexibility and gentle persistence". Be it during to ISO 14001 for the company's aviation sector. "We were (and are) thrilled all round!"  this is the feedback on the mutual cooperation.

TENAG experts specifically consult on project management on site

TENAG even offers companies that do not possess personal resources for operational energy and environmental management a professional solution through using outside specialists. An expert from TENAG then monitors the control center of the customer's respective system on site. In addition, he can refer back to the network's know-how – generally small and medium-sized companies do not have access to this type of concentrated expert competence via one of their own employees.

"We do not offer services that merely satisfy an auditor  we want real added value for our customers. In this respect we distinguish ourselves from most other providers in our industry already with our portfolio. This is an essential unique selling point at TENAG!"

Since its foundation in 2013, TENAG customers have achieved annual savings of more than 150 million Euros. For this not even included were supportive services such as audits and special projects.

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