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Multi energy station Berlin Schoenefeld

The newly-built TotalEnergies Multi-Energy Service Station at the airport in Berlin-Schoenefeld is our flagship project. It shows that environmental mobility based on renewable energy such as wind and solar is possible, thanks to green hydrogen from renewable energy sources that are produced and stored locally.

In the green area

Wind and sun are not always there when one needs energy: That´s why CO2 neutral hydrogen is the ideal source in order to fill the gap left by the two. This green hydrogen is produced via electrolysis and serves as an energy source whenever needed. The electricity necessary for the electrolysis to produce green hydrogen, comes from renewable sources. Nearby, a wind park is planned and will be on grid soon. 

With the power of nature

The electricity required for the electrolysis process comes from regional wind and solar power on site. SunPower solar panels are helping achieve a more eco-friendly energy balance at the TotalEnergies Multi-Energy Service Station.

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