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Matthias Lisson

Matthias Lisson: Head of Paradigm Shift

Matthias Lisson is the Director of TotalEnergies Energieeffizienz Netzwerk Agentur (Energy Efficiency Network Agency), abbreviated to TENAG GmbH, which has offered companies services related to energy- and resource-use efficiency, energy data documentation, energy management and energy technology planning since the beginning of 2013.

Energy is an important cost factor for companies. What are the most important challenges here?

Many companies do not have any overview of their energy consumption. Although energy costs are often higher than payroll costs, for example, often there is no clear strategy in place and nobody is taking the wider view. Significant potential cost savings are often achievable through relatively simple measures in supply engineering, using technical means and also changes in habits. In many cases, all it takes is a neutral perspective or even just taking the time to address this issue.

There are many different aspects to energy management. As a company, where should we begin?

First we must be clear that energy management does not just happen of its own accord and for this reason, management needs to communicate the importance of the issue through a clear declaration of its intention. The baseline for further steps will be illustrated through figures, data and facts. Without convincing data on energy usage, even the best energy technician will be groping in the dark. We should not talk about comprehensive energy data collection – targeted investigation by specialists will provide the results that are needed. Therefore, the first step should be a general inventory of the energy situation.

What is needed to ensure that the measures are successful?

Important factors are continuity, gathering and tracking reliable key figures and entrusting the job of energy management to knowledgeable specialists. This is what we offer companies as an outsourced service with an experienced energy manager. With access to all areas of our portfolio, this manager can offer high-level industrial expertise in all the relevant disciplines. The potential should be converted from theory into practice, with a certain payback period. We accompany you through the phases of energy technology planning, calling for tenders and on-site management of the project.

Could you give examples of how high the potential savings can be?

Recently I made an analysis. The data are strictly empirical and based not on studies, but on concrete projects. The summary data show annual savings of 200,000 euros for larger companies, 50,000 euros for mid-sized companies, and on average between 2,000 and 3,000 euros for small subsidiaries. These data relate only to economical and technical measures. Greater potential lies in changing the habits of employees and in making reductions related to energy regulations, which can often amount to over a million euros per year.

In your opinion, which aspects should be taken more seriously on the path to energy efficiency?

It is important to develop awareness that energy management and energy efficiency mean team work. All areas of management from procurement, human resources and production to work in the field have to work together and be aware of their impact on energy consumption. In practice, our experience of collaboration between technical specialists, procurement and management has been very good. The players should develop appropriate solutions together. At TENAG, we are glad to help, and to complete the team wherever there is a need.


“There is no single appropriate solution for every company. However, as we understand it, our mission is to make regular contact with each of our clients individually and support them where we are needed.”




Graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies at Moscow State University with a major in International relations.


Further studies

Continued his studies in France at Ecole des Hautes Etudes Internationales, specializing in marketing and finance.


Work Experience

Over six years of experience in DIY Retail sales, marketing and operations.


Project Manager at SIPE

until the energy management division was spun off as a separate company in 2010.


Managing Director of Simon Management Systems GmbH

until the participation of TotalEnergies in Germany in the company resulted in the creation of the joint venture TENAG.


Energy and environmental auditor

for ISO 50001 audits, also trained and active in third-party audits (certification audits).