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Fanny Cacherat

Fanny Cacherat: Committed to the mobility of tomorrow

Fanny Cacherat

Fanny Cacherat has been in the Mobility & New Energy Directorate in the sector of hydrogen and electromobility since October 1, 2018. 

You are French, living and working in Germany. How do you feel about that? 

I'm delighted. I feel fully integrated into the country and its culture. It is very enriching to work in an intercultural environment. However, the first few months in Germany were not easy. I speak English and Italian in addition to my mother tongue, but I added German only recently. After just 5 months of language course, I joined TotalEnergies in Berlin, and I have been working with my colleagues almost entirely in German. It was pretty challenging at first because I had to learn all the technical terms, but it was also very rewarding at the same time. 

What are your responsibilities at TotalEnergies?

Together with my team, I coordinate the construction of new hydrogen stations. We work in close cooperation with our internal design department. For example, we check possible locations for space and technical requirements. Other tasks include the operation and optimization of existing hydrogen stations from TotalEnergies in Germany in cooperation with external technical suppliers. We also coordinate the deployment of electrical chargers at selected locations with the TotalEnergies Group and with external companies. We also deal with market analyses and reports. 

What makes TotalEnergies to an interesting employer for you?

As a young engineer, it is an excellent opportunity to work for one of the world's leading energy companies moreover a French company abroad – especially in Germany. TotalEnergies in Germany decided very early on to expand its hydrogen filling stations network as well as its charging points infrastructure. Therefore, I am pleased to actively support the change from a mineral oil company towards more renewable and alternative fuels. Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time and it requires the commitment of everyone. The expansion of hydrogen filling stations is just one example out of many active contributions by TotalEnergies. We want to offer our customers the opportunity to fill their green car easily and safely. We contribute to the market development by adding hydrogen dispensers in classic petrol stations. Of course nobody would buy a hydrogen car without being able to refill it. The same also applies to the electric charging stations. 

Will hydrogen mobility play an important role in the mobility of the future?

The share of electromobility is increasing. "Electromobility" means both battery and hydrogen mobility. Indeed, both variants have an electric motor. Only the onboard storage form of the energy differs. I think that battery-electric mobility will play a role in urban road traffic in the long term. Hydrogen, on the other hand, is particularly suitable for greater distances and specifically for commercial vehicles and heavy-duty traffic due to its longer ranges and shorter refuelling times. Therefore I envision that both solutions will represent a significant part of the applications in the future, together.

Fanny Cacherat

More green and alternative fuels for our customers

Short CV

• Fanny Cacherat has an engineering degree in energy and process engineering in Grenoble (France), which she completed in June 2016.

• During internships lasting several months, among others at Air Liquide in France and CERN in Switzerland (European research organization with the largest particle physics laboratory in the world), she mainly dealt with cryogenics, a physical field that deals with very low temperatures.

• Starting October 1, 2018, Fanny Cacherat has been part of the French international program for young university graduates V.I.E. at TotalEnergies in Germany.