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Carsten Nolof

Carsten Nolof: the Agent

Carsten Nolof


As Head of Marketing/Business Devlopment/Online Trade in the trading and consumer business, one of Carsten Nolof’s core responsibilities is bringing clean energy solutions to customers and developing this area of business.

With which products can your customers make a contribution to environmental protection?

For example, by using our wood pellets which are made from a renewable raw material. This is possible because we’re nationally active in more than 50 locations. In cooperation with our logistics partners we’re able to maintain a reliable supply of pellets for every location in Germany. In the past two years, we were pleased to observe notable rates of growth in this sector.  

Another environmentally friendly product is our organic heating oil thermogreen. With a minimum of 10% of organic material from renewable raw materials such as raps or soya from certified sustainable farming, it protects mineral oil resources and reduces greenhouse gases. 

So far, the organic heating oil is only available in Baden-Württemberg. Is there an ecologically sustainable solution for the other German federal states? 

Actually, we‘ve just started an entirely new project. With immediate effect, TotalEnergies is offering CO2-compensated heating oil – and nearly all over Germany. 

What does that mean?

The basic idea is quite simple: Greenhouse gases produced by heating are compensated for to the same extent at a different location where we sustainably support and ecologically improve companies that so far have a negative carbon footprint – in other words offsetting one against the other.     

At a surcharge of 1 cent per liter, our thermoplus customers can offset the CO2 emissions of their oil heating. Every customer who makes use of this offer receives a certificate for their CO2 offsetting contribution. The money from the climate protection certificates is invested in a biomass power station in Siltara in India, where climate-friendly electricity is produced from organic waste. So far 170,000 tons of CO2 have already been saved. In addition, the money goes to the improvement of local living conditions, for example to a first-aid centre, the provision of drinking water and education. 

Is there also something the customers can do themselves in order to reduce their carbon footprint?

Yes, and we also supporting our customers in this regard, for example, with our commitment to modernize heating systems; here we cooperate with the Institute for Warmth and Oil Technology (IWO) and the installation business. By installing a modern condensation heating system, customers can reduce their heating oil consumption and thus reduce their emissions by up to 30 percent. Also, these investments can be supported by public subsidies. And the combination of condensation heating with solar energy makes further reductions in consumption and emissions possible.  

Which tasks do your coworkers and you assume in this joint commitment for better energy?

We have the marketing part. This includes the development of projects, their technical implementation within the house and also a technical link to the broker in order to ensure that certificates are issued to customers.

Another important area is communication. On the phone or online, we offer our customers the CO2-compensated heating oil and make them aware of their opportunity to do something for the environment in this way. In addition, we make sure that our sales team is well informed about all our products and their advantages. For this purpose, we organize training sessions and compile sales documents.  

What is your personal motivation for this work?

In light of the increasing demand for energy, it’s very important to supply as many people as possible with clean and accessible energy. This also means that we make our heating oil products, which are indispensable today and a firm favorite in the German heating market, more climate-friendly with offers such as the previously mentioned CO2-neutral heating oil. And that’s a good thing, which I support wholeheartedly. 

"In light of the increasing demand for energy, it’s very important to supply as many people as possible with clean and accessible energy."




Professional training as mineral oil trader and business economist, University studies with a Master in Business Administration degree


2002 to 2013 Business Manager in trading and consumer business, sales 
2013 to 2017 Manager Marketing/Shop/Food/Services
since 7/2017 Head of Marketing/Business Development/Online Trade in trading and consumer business